Wire EDM

Wire EDM MachineElectrical discharge machining ( EDM ) is a machining method primarily used for hard metals or those that would be impossible to machine with traditional techniques. One critical limitation, however, is that EDM only works with materials that are electrically conductive. EDM can cut small or odd-shaped angles, intricate contours or cavities in extremely hard steel and exotic metals such as titanium, hastelloy, kovar, inconel, and carbide materials.


Often referred to as spark machining or spark eroding , EDM is a non-traditional method of removing material by a series of rapidly recurring electric arcing discharges between an electrode and the material that is being machined, in the presence of an electric field. The EDM cutting tool is guided along the desired path very close to the work but it does not touch the piece. Consecutive sparks produce a series of micro-craters on the work piece and remove material along the cutting path by melting and vaporization. The particles are washed away by the continuously flushing dieelectric fluid.


There are two main types of EDM machines, ram and wire-cut. In ram EDM, a graphite electrode is machined into the desired shape and fed into the workpiece on the end of a vertical ram. This type of EDM is usually performed submerged in an oil based dielectric. In Wire-cut EDM, a thin single-strand metal wire, usually brass, is fed through the workpiece. The wire, which is constantly fed from a spool, is held between upper and lower guides. The guides move in the X-Y plane, and sometimes the upper guide can also move independently giving rise to transitioning shapes (circle on the bottom square at the top). This gives the Wire-cut EDM the ability to be programmed to cut very intricate and delicate shapes. The wire-cut uses water as its dielectric with the water's resistivity and other electrical properties carefully controlled by filters and deionizer units.

EDM Capabilities & Tolerances

Electrical Discharge Machining permits our expert staff of tool and die makers to cut precision shapes in prismatic components for a diverse range of industries including:

  • Aerospace Wire EDM
  • Appliance Wire EDM
  • Automotive Wire EDM
  • Commercial Industrial  Wire EDM
  • Defense/Military Wire EDM
  • Electrical Wire EDM
  • Electronics Wire EDM

Wire EDM Machining services provides the following advantages:

ADT Diversity’s Wire EDM Machining services ensure quick and efficient precision manufacture of metal parts and assemblies to exacting tolerances.


Wire EDM Machining capabilities include:

Why Choose ADT Diversity?

When you need precision machined parts that require extreme accuracy count on the team at ADT Diversity. Our Hi-Tech EDM machines enable us to cut the most intricate parts to exact tolerances. Our dedicated staff of experienced machine operators, assure that each peace is cut with precision the first time, keeping your project on schedule and saving you money with out comprimising quality.

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