Precision Tool & Die Services

Stamping ToolOur comprehensive, state of the art tool room, along with our highly skilled and innovative toolmakers, enables ADT Diversity to provide our customers with specialized tooling and precision parts which meet or exceed our customer requirements for perfomance, reliability and quality.

Some of the industries served by ADT Diversity are the automotive, electronics, medical, military, robotics and aerospace industries, just to name a few.

Tool & Die Makers produce tools, dies and special guiding and holding devices that enable Fourslide, Multislide & Vertislide machines to manufacture a variety of products. Toolmakers craft precision tools that are used to cut, shape and form materials. Die makers construct metal forms (dies) that are used to shape metal stampings. In addition to developing and producing new tools and dies, our workers also repair worn and damaged tools, dies, gauges, jigs and fixtures.

The latest technologies available are incorporated into our Tool & Die building, such as our CNC Machines and Wire EDM Machines used for tooling the most intricate components, controlled by the latest in MASTER CAM software.

A few tool type examples are:

Tool & Die Capabilities

Tool & Die Maintence & Repair

ADT Diversity's talented team of toolmakers and engineers, can get your broken tools back to new condition in no time at all. ADT Diversity understands how critical it can be to have a tool down, and will work dilegently, to complete all repairs quickly and acurately.

Customers have at times presented ADT Diversity with tools which were thought to be destroyed. Our experienced Tool Makers along with our Design Engineers utilizing the most advanced equipment are able to correct or repair nearly all damaged or worn tools.

ADT Diversity repairs problems such as cracked stripers, broken punches and worn die inserts as well as more difficult repairs such as shattered inserts and missing components.

Contact us today to schedule and arrange the repair of your damaged or broken tool.

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